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Daily Lookbooks

Has anyone ever looked to youtube for clothing inspiration? One day I watched Get Ready with me videos and lookbooks for the season.  Found some great outfit ideas. I decided to purchase more basics, because those NEVER go out of style and i’m probably not going to gain any weight so they will last long.  The people on youtube have some great links some time and sites I never heard of.  I also stumbled upon a website that has a daily look in outfit form all the way down to the jewelry.  Some of the pieces are pricey in my opinion but I also don’t know the quality of the clothing, shoes and all of that.  Anyway, I plan on purchasing something from them next and If the quality is bad, ill take it with a grain of salt and wash it gently I guess. Lol, I don’t know.  I definitely won’t recommend it though but I know they sell some well known brands like chinese laundry.  So, enjoy.

Thank me later,

–Mean Green



So, Im right at the finish line of my college career.  Down to my last 5 hardest classes and I need an internship to get some experience under my belt.  The problem is where I live there aren’t really any internships of value in this area.  None of the companies focus on  my future area of expertise and Im at a loss.  Debating on if I should apply to one an hour or so away and then just have to drive, or if I should just wait to finish school.  There are virtual internships and some where I would only have to be there a few days a week hopefully I can find one of those.  Its just a funny feeling because once I finish college I feel as if I’ll officially be an adult in a world of student loan payments, car payments, buying groceries and paying for homeowners insurance.  Its a scary but good feeling all at once.  Its the feeling you have once you graduate from high school like the world is yours and you can do whatever.  Will I be successful? Wil I sink or swim? I read the stories about college graduates who are not only unemployed but underemployed and I wonder if that will be me.  I plan on working hard to get where I need to be and learn what I need to learn because if you sink its really no ones fault but your own.  So I have my floaties on and I’m rearing to go.  


Quick shopping tip this week: Target has buy 1 get 1 shoes.  Cute sandals for ladies and little girls if your interested.


–Mean Green 

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